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Urine Removal – How to Get Rid of Bedwetting Stains

Over time, you can have the license to get pretty creative when it comes to urine removal. There are many tried and tested methods to removing urine bedwetting stains which are available, this article looks at one method which is known to be quite effective.

The ingredients which are required for urine removal may be quite simple, but they can be very effective when they are combined together. The first ingredient, baking powder, is heavily used when it comes to cleaning as it has very effective qualities. The same goes for washing-up liquid which is also used for its smell. The last ingredient which is used in this mixture, hydrogen peroxide, gives the necessary strength for the urine to be removed.

Mixing a 450ml bottle of hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of washing-up liquid and a tablespoon of baking soda gives you the mixture which you need to get results. Combining them in an old plastic container and squirting the mixture onto the urine stain can give you better effects than most cleaning products would.

There is no need to apply pressure when using this solution, as leaving it to air dry for an hour gives you all of the results that you need. Sometimes when using this method, residue can remain, but making sure that you get rid of the residue fully with a vacuum can eliminate any problems that you may have.

Bedwetting urine removal can be easy once you have mastered it. If you have just had a child or if your child is going through the phase where bedwetting is becoming a frequent issue, using this method can be a quick and easy way to make sure that the child’s mattress is nice and fresh for the following night. Washing the bedding during this stage could also be recommended to remove any trace of the night before.

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