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Clean Mattress Stains – How to Clean Up Bedwetting Stains

A clean mattress is easier said than done when dealing with a child’s bedwetting problem. Wetting the bed is an embarrassing problem that can cause your child to feel ashamed and petrified, so having an easy solution on hand to clean a mattress after accidents will help immensely. This article looks at one way to remove urine from mattresses.

Cleaning a mattress instead of going through the arduous process of buying a new one can save you a lot of time, money and hassle. Plus, if bed wetting is a bit of a frequent occurrence in your household, it can be downright inconvenient. There are many different options which could be considered, even chucking a bowl of hot water which has been mixed with disinfectant over the mattress in question. Sometimes, if the urine soaks in it can mean that the stain may be harder to remove.

Using bicarbonate of soda can be a great way to remove urine which has soaked into the mattress, as it absorbs smells. Leaving it for a few hours before vacuuming it up can be helpful as well. Bicarbonate of soda is scientifically proven to work when it comes to cleaning a mattress, and it’s possible that it is more effective than other remedies which are on the market today.

It can be a tricky situation when it comes to having a clean mattress. However, using simple home treatments such as the one mentioned above can quickly help to clean up bedwetting messes. Lastly, always remember to spot clean a small area before treating the entire mattress with a solution.

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